Mum & Baby


baby massage pic

BABY MASSAGE is a lovely way to bond with your new baby. Babies love touch and skin to skin contact  helps to reduce levels of the stress hormone and increase levels of the “happy” hormone helping them feel calm and safe which helps them to sleep better and sleep deeper. Massage improves muscle tone, circulation and improve immunity. It aids digestion and the  abdominal and Colic Massage techniques are a very effective form of relief for a baby who may be suffering from painful bouts of wind, colic and constipation.



imagesD7BS1WSEMUM & BABY YOGA classes includes yoga for both Mom and baby.  It balances stretching and moving sequences with your baby to fun songs and rhymes to co-ordinate the movements.  These classes include gentle based yoga for Mum to help promote toning of the pelvic, back  and tummy muscles.  Yoga for baby includes legs, hips and arms stretches to help promote physical developmental stages and also aid digestions, wind and constipation.  This class is a fun way to interact with your baby through movement and singing and finishes with a well deserved relaxation for both Mom and baby.    Your baby is sure to be tired at the end of this class, Mom too.


mum and baby fitMUM & BABY STRETCH AND TONE  is a 45 min full body tone and stretch class for Mum where baby can come along to cheer Mom on.  We will be starting with a low impact warm up, moving on to toning  using various forms of equipment such as  dumbbells, steps, resistance bands and body weight.  Finishing with cool down and stretching.  Working to tone the entire body and helping to improve the core, back and tummy muscles.   All exercises are shown at a low and moderate intensity so this class is suitable for all levels post pregnancy from 10-12 weeks once GP clearance has been given as you are able to work at your own pace and fitness level, increasing the intensity when you and your body feel ready. This workout gets your blood flowing and energy levels bouncing. It works your entire body to burn calories, increase fitness levels and tone the whole body.   Leaving you feeling energised for the rest of the day.

This class is suitable before your baby starts to crawl or walk.  Baby is welcome to stay cozy in prams or car seats or can lay near you on a yoga mat or blanket.  If you have a yoga mat please bring it along.

Please note:  All classes are extremely baby friendly where mom can dip in and out of the class to feed or settle or change their baby as often as needed.