Mummy Postnatal Fitness

MUM & BABY STRETCH AND TONE  is a 45 min full body tone and stretch class for Mum where baby can come along to cheer Mom on.  We will be starting with a low impact warm up, moving on to toning  using various forms of equipment such as  dumbbells, steps, resistance bands and body weight.  Finishing with cool down and stretching.  Working to tone the entire body and helping to improve the core, back and tummy muscles.  This class is also suitable for Moms whose kids are in playschool,  primary or high school as you are able to work at your own pace and fitness level, increasing the intensity when you and your body feel ready. This workout gets your blood flowing and energy levels bouncing. It is a great way to get you back exercising in a relaxed and friendly environment. It works your entire body to burn calories, increase fitness levels and tone.   Leaving you feeling energised for the rest of the day.

All exercises are shown at a low and moderate intensity so this class is suitable for all fitness levels post pregnancy from 10-12 weeks until your baby starts crawling/ walking due to safety reasons and workout equipment. However, if your baby is crawling/walking they are welcome to remain cosy in prams or car seats.  Moms please ensure you have your GP’s clearance post pregnancy to exercise and please advise should you have any injuries or pre-existing conditions.  

What to Bring :

  • Bring your baby along to cheer you on.
  • Your baby is welcome to stay in their pram or car seat or can lay on a mat or their blanket beside you.
  • Bring along their favourite toy or any equipment you may need to keep them entertained but they do love watching Mom workout.
  • Wear comfortable clothing for exercise. Please wear runners, they can be removed for stretching at the end of the class should you wish.
  • Please bring along a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated.
  • I have spare yoga mats for you to borrow however, you are welcome to bring your own should your prefer.